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Hi, I'm Sandrine

Interface enthusiast, accessibility specialist and user advocate for over 20 years.

I believe that equitable access to information and opportunities matters.
Specialising in front-end development allows me to help people and enhance daily lives.

Currently as a freelancer, I assist companies integrating designs, developing pattern libraries, auditing user experiences and supporting teams.
Previously, I led for 5 years the front-end of Tourism New Zealand at DAN.

I'm always open to opportunities where my area of competence is applicable meaningfully.


Auditing accessibility, UX or code quality at any stage of production.
Transforming designs into usable interfaces with best practices and standards.
UX Research
Usability and accessibility engineering for inclusive components.


  • HTML markup proficiency
  • ARIA demystification
  • Advanced CSS mastery
  • Bulletproof responsive design
  • WCAG literacy
  • Screen readers grasp
  • Design systems & pattern libs
  • Top-notch consistency focus
  • Usability wisdom
  • DOM object manipulation JS
  • Debugging dexterity
  • Version control abilities


When Sandrine is working to deliver the best user experience, it's to all users. Championing and applying best practice and web accessibility standards across the board.

Peter Gray, Senior Developer at Digital Arts Network

Dedicated, meticulous, experienced and passionate for UI development, Sandrine always delivered the highest quality, maintainable code which was thoroughly tested and practically bullet proof.

Simon Taggart, Lead Interface Developer at Orchard Marketing

Sandrine loves discipline in the areas of web standards and architecture, and is a great teacher in that space.

Dipan Chauhan, Tech Lead at Digital Arts Network

Sandrine has an exceptional attention to details and she is one of the easiest front end developer to work with. Always pushing standards forward being a fervent advocate of best practices, reusability and maintenability of her work.

Ludovic Royer, Senior .NET Back-End Web Developer at Orchard Marketing

Her feedback and insights on the process and resulting report have provided us with clear and actionable results.

David Harris, Information Management Team Leader at Napier City Council


Accessibility assessments

Access Advisors

  • Auckland Transport
  • Auckland Council
  • Ministry of Health
  • Napier City Council
  • ASB
  • New World
  • accessibility
  • audit
  • consultancy
  • assessment
  • research
  • technical support
  • dev training

Sandrine not only has extensive knowledge about digital accessibility, but also a way of imparting that knowledge that is clear and concise.

Trent Morgan, Web Developer at Big Fish Creative

Inclusive Aotearoa

Access Advisors

  • accessibility
  • audit
  • consultancy
  • technical support

Accessibility audit of wireframes, advices on integration, review of integration and FED support.


Siren Design

  • FED
  • integration
  • animation

Integrate design into responsive website with CSS transitions and custom JS behaviour.


Siren Design

  • FED
  • integration
  • animation

Integrate design into responsive website with CSS transitions and custom JS behaviour.

Intent Journey

Ghost Street

  • FED
  • integration

Integrated the single page of Intent Journey as placeholder until the design of the full website was ready.

Tourism New Zealand

Digital Arts Network

  • FED
  • lead
  • integration
  • design
  • UX
  • optimisation
  • pattern library

Lead FED on TNZ for 5 years, there is little I haven't done from redesign, new features, mobile first optimisation, CSS architecture, improving performance, pattern library, documentation, refactoring components, clearing legacy code, campaigns, A/B testing...

Sandrine brings a level of excellence through her craft and dedication to standards and good practice. Her diligence and commitment to the quality of her outputs ensures the quality never slips.

Glenn Wright, Technical Director at Digital Arts Network


A non-exhaustive list of tools and systems I recently worked with:

  • Sass
  • NPM
  • Git
  • Github
  • Storybook
  • Figma
  • Miro
  • jQuery
  • Eleventy
  • Shopify
  • Webflow
  • Wordpress
  • Developer Tools

I have been exposed to several environments, systems and libraries in various languages.

Understanding of MVC and MVVM concepts allows me to get onboard quickly and work on UI components regardless of the framework used.

I've been quite impressed with how you've adapted to a median between our two styles of working considering how little explanation I was able to give you.

Jordan, Developer at Ghost Street


Currently, I'm particularly focusing on the following topics:

  • Usability
  • Design systems
  • Web vitals
  • Web components
  • Green web
  • Scalable Modern CSS
  • Dev flow automation
  • Indie web